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New Gund Teddy Bear Range!

The new 2016 Teddy Bears from Gund are now available to purchase! So if you are a keen collector of Gund products then you will be very interested in what they have to offer, This year the world renowned teddy bear manufacturer have brought out some lovely classic and modern looking teddy bears.
In this article i am going to highlight some of the best bears in the new collection.

My absolute favorite from this range has to be Sawyer, he is just so fluffy and huggable looking and made from a gorgeous golden beige plush!

Gund Sawyer teddy bear
Gund Sawyer teddy bear

He is so cute and sure to be a very popular teddy bear this year especially as he measures 38cm in height and is only £17.95 from Amazon, he is already available to purchase from Amazon

Another very lovely teddy bear from the range is called Rooney and he is a large floppy fluffy teddy bear made from dark beige plush.

Gund Rooney Teddy Bear
Gund Rooney Teddy Bear

This gorgeous teddy bear measures 40.5cm in height so he is quite a good size and is only £22.99 at Teddybearland!

These two bears are some of the more modern style of bear there are also a couple of classic looking bears for example Gund Pierre Teddy Bear is a lovely new bear made from a mixture of dark and light grey plush.

Gund Pierre Teddy Bear
Gund Pierre Teddy Bear

He is a lovely size teddy bear measuring 30.5cm in height and he is at an amazing price at Teddybearland only £16.99! See him here at Teddybearland

Last but definitley not least is the gorgeous very classic style teddy bear called Jackson, made from a stunning silver grey plush with a smiling face and lovely matching light silver bow around his neck.

Gund Jackson Teddy  Bear
Gund Jackson Teddy Bear

This lovely bear measures 38cm in height so is a very good size and at only £23.55 from Amazon he is a very good price!

We are very much looking forward to the mid year release to see what other lovely teddy bears Gund are going to release

The Dragons Have Landed! Kaycee Bears Spring Range Launched Today!

A very exciting day for Kaycee Bears collectors today, the mini spring launch has been released at 8pm tonight. the New range was released and can now be pre-ordered on a number of websites.
Some of last years range is still available from Amazon including Kaycee Bears Anna and Bracken Teddy Bear

However if you are more interested in the new range which was released to night keep reading as we have loads of information and pictures on the new teddy bears and dragons! Best of all it is all available to pre order at teddybearland! with no deposit

Our Favourite in this range is the biggest Dragon that has even been made in the Kaycee Bears Range.
His name is Odin part of a Thor inspired theme in this collection, he measures a total of 45” in length over 100cm!
He has gorgeous large sculpted snout which gives his face a truly majestic look, and he is made from a lovely golden plush
with a small amount of black feathering. Odin is a limited edition dragon of only 30 pieces made world wide!

Kaycee Bear Odin

Click Here to pre order this dragon

Another one from the Thor Inspired dragons is Thor himself! A gorgeous less fluffy dragon than Odin but made from a plush which
gives him a scaly appearance. He has a newly designed style of wings which site streamlined with his body and a newly design snout with flaring
nostrils! He measures 41” so a little bit smaller than Odin but still a very large dragon and again a limited edition of only 30 pieces!

Click Here to pre order Thor

Last one from the Thor inspired range is Loki, he is a very lovely little dragon with a new pose he is made so that he can lie on his back!
Loki is made from a lovely soft beige plush with black spots and contrasting black inner ears and wings and spines. Loki is the smallest of
the three in the range he measures 16” in length and is a limited edition of 60 pieces.

Kaycee Bears Loki

Click here to pre order Loki!

Last years collection included two lovely dragons one called Bedlam and One called Chaos. This range has continued with the introduction of Mayhem! He is a lovely large dragon, the same size of Bedlam and Chaos and he is made from a lovely green plush! Mayhem measures 33” and is super cuddly, there are only 50 of these pieces made in the entire world.

Kaycee Bears Mayhem
Click here to pre order Mayhem

As this is only a small range there is only one new Kaycee Teddy Bear called Sassy! But she is absolutley gorgeous, made from a lovely mix of light and dark grey plush. Wearing a cute red hair bow with white spots on. Measures 12” in height and is a limited edition of only 50 pieces world wide.

Kaycee Bears Sassy

Click here to pre order Sassy!

Happy Collecting to all your Kaycee Bear Fans :) we can’t wait for the summer release this year!
Keep an eye on our blog for any more Kaycee Bear Updates or News

Huggable Teddy Bear – First Look at 2016 Charlie Bears Range

Teddy bears are one of the cutest and most adorable things on this planet. All of us want to have a soft, fluffy and cute teddy bear at one point of time. It can be such a mood changer when you are feeling really low. A teddy bear hug can suddenly make you feel so much happier and joyful. With their gleaming round eyes, soft fluffy fur and charmingly enchanting appearance Charlie teddy bears can grab the attention of any individual young or old alike. You can buy a teddy bear for your spouse, child or a good friend. It is such a cute item that it can express every kind of feelings such as if you give a teddy bear to your significant other it shows you love them while when you give it to your child or friend it says you find them as adorable and pleasing as the teddy bear you have gifted to them. It is the most appropriate gift on every occasion to show your inner feelings without having to express them through words. Whether it’s your anniversary, your special one’s birthday or Valentine’s Day, Charlie Teddy Bears are the ideal gifts to make your better half feel special and loved. There is great news for our valued customers that our 2016 collection of Plush jointed teddy bears is out and you are going to love each and every item that has been displayed for sale. Here is a list of some of the most adorable teddy bears from the 2016 collection that you definitely need to add to your collection as well

Charlie Bears Clancy Teddy Bear

Charlie Bear Clancy
This is a very ambrosial and charming teddy bear having soft red fur. It just costs £54 and is definitely worth the price. It is about 43 centimeter in size and looks so cute and cuddly that you fall in love with it at the first sight. It is a great gift for your girl friend and an amazing thing to put in your room with the rest f the collection as it will definitely stand out because of the uniqueness of color and personality. It is currently in stock.

Charlie Bears Ursua Minor Polar Bear

Ursa Minor
This white cuddly and enchantingly teddy bear looks like a miniature version of a polar bear that captivates the eyes and touches the heart. It wears a bow and looks like something you certainly must buy. This one is available for pre order and costs £65. It’s a perfect gift for your daughter’s birthday or an addition to your collection. It is also 43 centimeters in height.

Charlie Bears Carmella Teddy Bear

Charlie Bear Carmellawww
This is awesomely cute and captivating brown colored teddy bear which looks so charming with a key shaped pendant in its neck. It is a must have piece just worth £50 which is available for pre order.
Other huggable items in the 2016 of Charlie teddy bears include Charlie Bears Chinwag Teddy Bear, Charlie Bears Desmond Donkey, Charlie Bears Cloth Ears Teddy Bear and Charlie Bears Chit Chat Teddy Bear.