New Gund Teddy Bear Range!

The new 2016 Teddy Bears from Gund are now available to purchase! So if you are a keen collector of Gund products then you will be very interested in what they have to offer, This year the world renowned teddy bear manufacturer have brought out some lovely classic and modern looking teddy bears.
In this article i am going to highlight some of the best bears in the new collection.

My absolute favorite from this range has to be Sawyer, he is just so fluffy and huggable looking and made from a gorgeous golden beige plush!

Gund Sawyer teddy bear
Gund Sawyer teddy bear

He is so cute and sure to be a very popular teddy bear this year especially as he measures 38cm in height and is only £17.95 from Amazon, he is already available to purchase from Amazon

Another very lovely teddy bear from the range is called Rooney and he is a large floppy fluffy teddy bear made from dark beige plush.

Gund Rooney Teddy Bear
Gund Rooney Teddy Bear

This gorgeous teddy bear measures 40.5cm in height so he is quite a good size and is only £22.99 at Teddybearland!

These two bears are some of the more modern style of bear there are also a couple of classic looking bears for example Gund Pierre Teddy Bear is a lovely new bear made from a mixture of dark and light grey plush.

Gund Pierre Teddy Bear
Gund Pierre Teddy Bear

He is a lovely size teddy bear measuring 30.5cm in height and he is at an amazing price at Teddybearland only £16.99! See him here at Teddybearland

Last but definitley not least is the gorgeous very classic style teddy bear called Jackson, made from a stunning silver grey plush with a smiling face and lovely matching light silver bow around his neck.

Gund Jackson Teddy  Bear
Gund Jackson Teddy Bear

This lovely bear measures 38cm in height so is a very good size and at only £23.55 from Amazon he is a very good price!

We are very much looking forward to the mid year release to see what other lovely teddy bears Gund are going to release

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