Huggable Teddy Bear – First Look at 2016 Charlie Bears Range

Teddy bears are one of the cutest and most adorable things on this planet. All of us want to have a soft, fluffy and cute teddy bear at one point of time. It can be such a mood changer when you are feeling really low. A teddy bear hug can suddenly make you feel so much happier and joyful. With their gleaming round eyes, soft fluffy fur and charmingly enchanting appearance Charlie teddy bears can grab the attention of any individual young or old alike. You can buy a teddy bear for your spouse, child or a good friend. It is such a cute item that it can express every kind of feelings such as if you give a teddy bear to your significant other it shows you love them while when you give it to your child or friend it says you find them as adorable and pleasing as the teddy bear you have gifted to them. It is the most appropriate gift on every occasion to show your inner feelings without having to express them through words. Whether it’s your anniversary, your special one’s birthday or Valentine’s Day, Charlie Teddy Bears are the ideal gifts to make your better half feel special and loved. There is great news for our valued customers that our 2016 collection of Plush jointed teddy bears is out and you are going to love each and every item that has been displayed for sale. Here is a list of some of the most adorable teddy bears from the 2016 collection that you definitely need to add to your collection as well

Charlie Bears Clancy Teddy Bear

Charlie Bear Clancy
This is a very ambrosial and charming teddy bear having soft red fur. It just costs £54 and is definitely worth the price. It is about 43 centimeter in size and looks so cute and cuddly that you fall in love with it at the first sight. It is a great gift for your girl friend and an amazing thing to put in your room with the rest f the collection as it will definitely stand out because of the uniqueness of color and personality. It is currently in stock.

Charlie Bears Ursua Minor Polar Bear

Ursa Minor
This white cuddly and enchantingly teddy bear looks like a miniature version of a polar bear that captivates the eyes and touches the heart. It wears a bow and looks like something you certainly must buy. This one is available for pre order and costs £65. It’s a perfect gift for your daughter’s birthday or an addition to your collection. It is also 43 centimeters in height.

Charlie Bears Carmella Teddy Bear

Charlie Bear Carmellawww
This is awesomely cute and captivating brown colored teddy bear which looks so charming with a key shaped pendant in its neck. It is a must have piece just worth £50 which is available for pre order.
Other huggable items in the 2016 of Charlie teddy bears include Charlie Bears Chinwag Teddy Bear, Charlie Bears Desmond Donkey, Charlie Bears Cloth Ears Teddy Bear and Charlie Bears Chit Chat Teddy Bear.

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